Type of Joints: T-type ( Socketed + Spigot)

Manufacturing Technology: Centrifugal casting(also we supply non-centrifugal casting pipes)

Standards: EN598 C25,C30,C40...,

Internal Linings:
Cement mortar lining,mixed by high alumina cement 40% at least,sand and water
Thicker cement mortar lining with or without seal coat and the strength of lining not less 50Mpa;
PU lining or epoxy lining

External Coating:
Normal coating is metalic zinc,not less 130g/m2, the purity of zinc is 99.99% at least; adding bitumen layer,not less than 70μm.
Other Coating as below:
Zinc rich paint not less 150g/m2 with finishing layer;
Thicker zinc coating have a min. mass of 200g/m2,with finishing layer;
PE coating is in accordance with EN14628;
PU coating is in accordance with EN15189;
adhesive tape etc
(Note: the anti-corrosion also can be finished by requested.)

Main Accessories:  Rubber sealing gaskets,in according with EN681-1 vulcanized rubber;

Normal Size: DN40mm to DN2000mm

Standardized Length:
DN80 to DN600mm: 3m, 5m, 5.5m, 6m
DN700mm to DN800mm: 5.5m,6m,7m
DN900mm to DN1400mm: 6m, 7m, 8.15m
DN1500mm to DN2000mm: 8.15m
Tolerance of Length:
±150mm for standardized length 8.15m; ±100mm for other lengths

Tesile Properties:
Min.tensile strength 420Mpa; Min.elongation 10% for DN40mm to DN1000mm,
7% for DN1100mm to DN2000mm

Brinell Hardness: not exceed 230HBW

Applications:Sewerage applications

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