API Spec 5CT N80-1 Casing Pipe

API Spec 5CT N80-1 Casing Pipe

Casing is mainly applied in oil field, oil well and gas well, water injection well, geothermal well, and as the lining

Product standards:API Spec 5CT, API Spec 5B, ISO 11960, ISO 10422

Steel grade:
J55, K55, M65, L80/R95, N80-1/N80-Q, C90/T95, C110, P110, Q125

Type of end-finish:
Plain end (PL), short round thread (STC), long round thread (LTC), buttress thread (BTC)

Range 1: 4.88-7.62m Range 2: 7.62-10.36m
Range 3: 10.36-14.63m

Black and bare
External varnished with black or clear lacquer

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