2PP/3PP Coated Line Pipe

2PP/3PP Coated Line Pipe

3LPP coating system is a multi-layer coating structure composed of three coating materials of fusion bonded epoxy (FBE), copolymer adhesive and PE or PP top coats for steel pipe anti-corrosion. With over 10 years' experience and expertise in 3LPE /3LPP steel pipe anti-corrosion coating materials, Osun Steel has established a leading level technology and been well recognized with its remarkable performance in oil & gas pipeline corrosion-resistant field. From Siberia (-60℃) to Alashankou(80℃), from the seabed to desert, Osun Steel has always acted as a very important role in serving for many great International pipeline projects, such as China West-east Natural Gas Pipelines Project, India Reliance Natural gas pipeline Project, Sino-Russia Oil Transportation Project, etc. All prove that Osun Steel has become a world-class preferred supplier for 3-Layer polyethylene/ polypropylene (3LPE/3LPP)steel pipe corrosion-resistant coating materials field.

3LPP anticorrosive steel pipe characteristics:
1. Very high tightness, which can greatly save energy, reduce costs, protect the environment in long-term operation.
2. Strong corrosion resistance, the construction side simply speed, the service life can be up to 30-50 years.
3. With good resistance to corrosion and impact resistance, low water absorption, the PE/PP (less than 0.01%) at low temperatures.
4. High strength epoxy, PE/PP absorbent and hot melt adhesive softness, etc., have high corrosion reliability.

2PP is available

Executive Standard:
DIN 30678 Polypropylene coatings for steel pipes

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