Epoxy Coal Tar Coated Pipes

Epoxy Coal Tar Coated Pipes

Epoxy Coal Tar Coated Pipes

Coal tar epoxy anti-corrosion coating is made from the modified epoxy resin, polyamide resin,coal tar pitch, fillers and additives formulated.

Full film tough, strong adhesion and chemical resistance with excellent corrosion resistance, outstanding water resistance, anti-microbial erosion.

Coating structure:
Pipeline corrosion adopts coal tar epoxy two-component room temperature curing coating, the glass cloth coat on the surface of steel so as to enhance corrosion, coal tar epoxy abti-corrosion coating are included general level, enhance corrosion level(a cloth three oil), particular strengthen anti-corrosion level(two-four oil cloth)

SY/T0447-96  GB50268-2008

Buried steel pipelines, water pipelines, sewage pipes and other pipe corrosion

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