PE Pipe

PE Pipe

PE Pipe Standards

AWWA Standards & Manuals
AWWA C901: Standard for Polyethylene (PE) Pressure Pipe and Tubing, 1/2" (13 mm) through 3" (76 mm) for Water Service.
AWWA C906: Standard for Polyethylene (PE) Pressure Pipe and Fittings, 4" (100 mm) through 63" (1,575 mm) for Water Distribution and Transmission.
AWWA M55: Manual for the Design and Installation of Polyethylene Pipe in water Applications.
AWWA Pipe Profile Series- PE Pipe (DVD)

ASTM Standards
ASTM F714: Standard Specification for Polyethylene (PE) Plastic Pipe (SDR-PR) Based on Outside Diameter.
ASTM D3035: Standard Specification for Polyethylene (PE) Plastic Pipe (DR-PR) Based on Controlled Outside Diameter.
ASTM F2620: Standard Practice for Heat Fusion Joining of Polyethylene Pipe and Fittings
ASTM D2683: Standard Specification for Socket-Type Polyethylene Fittings for Outside Diameter-Controlled Polyethylene Pipe and Tubing.
ASTM D3261: Standard Specification for Butt Heat Fusion Polyethylene (PE) Plastic Fittings for Polyethylene (PE) Plastic Pipe and Tubing.
ASTM D3350: Standard Specification for Polyethylene Plastic Pipe and Fittings Materials.
ASTM F1055: Standard Specification for Electrofusion Type Polyethylene Fittings for Outside Diameter Controlled Polyethylene Pipe and Tubing.
ASTM D2321

CSA Standards
CSA B137.1: Polyethylene Pipe, Tubing, and Fittings for Cold-Water Pressure Services.

NSF Standards
NSF/ANSI 61: Standard for Drinking Water Systems Components - Health Effects.
NSF/ANSI 14: Standard for Plastics Piping System Components and Related Material.

BS Standard
BS 7291 Thermoplastics pipes and fitting systems for hot and cold water for domestic purposes and heating installations in buildings.
BS EN 13244-2:2002 Plastics piping systems for buried and above-ground pressure systems for water for general purposes, drainage and sewerage. Polyethylene (PE)Pipes

EN Standard
EN 1519 Plastics piping systems for soil and waste discharge (low and high temperature) within the building structure - Polyethylene (PE).
EN 1555 Plastics piping systems for the supply of gaseous fuels. Polyethylene (PE).
EN 12201 Plastics piping systems for water supply. Polyethylene (PE).
EN 12666 Plastics piping systems for non-pressure underground drainage and sewerage. Polyethylene (PE).

ISO Standard
ISO 4427 Polyethylene (PE) pipes for water supply. Specifications.
ISO 4429
ISO 4437: 2007 Buried polyethylene (PE) pipes for the supply of gaseous fuels. Metric series. Specifications.

DIN Standard
DIN 8074
DIN 8075: 2011 Polyethylene (PE) pipes - PE 80, PE 100 - General quality requirements, testing. Partially replaced by DIN 16842
DIN 16842: 2013 Polyethylene (PE) pipes. PE-HD for pressureless applications. General quality requirements, dimensions and testing. Partially replaces DIN 8074 and DIN 8075
DIN 16876: 2010 Pipes and fittings of high-density polyethylene (PE-HD) for buried ducting - Dimensions and technical delivery conditions.

AS/NS Standard
AS/NZ 4130

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