PE Water Supply Pipe

PE Water Supply Pipe

PE Water Supply Pipe

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe was awarded to the high-tech products.

Transformation of urban water supply systems for industrial raw materials, pipelines, urban functions are built, irrigation piping and so on.


Description of the appearance and standards:
Clarinet blue bar;
Executive ISO4427 and GB/T13663-2000 "Polyethylene Water Supply (PE) pipes"; Drinking Water health performance in line with the provisions GB/T17219; with PE80, PE100 two levels of raw materials, generally used in pressure water delivery.

A. High toughness: HDPE water supply requirements of elongation at break of more than 350%, 500% or more generally, on the management ability to adapt to uneven settlement of the base are very strong, excellent seismic performance;
B. Anti-corrosion: HDPE raw materials and stable performance, inert material, except for a few strong oxidants, can be resistant to the erosion of a variety of chemical media, no electrochemical corrosion;
C. Light aging: 2-2.5% with uniform distribution of carbon black in polyethylene pipe can effectively resist the sun%27s ultraviolet rays, in the outdoor open storage or use will not be subjected to ultraviolet radiation damage;
D. Green: HDPE water supply pipe processing does not add any heavy metal stabilizers, materials, completely non-toxic, non-fouling layer, does not breed bacteria, preventing secondary pollution of urban drinking water;
E. Transmission capacity, flow resistance: HDPE pipe has a smooth inner surface, the Manning coefficient of 0.009. And non-smooth surface to ensure adhesion of HDPE pipe has a higher than traditional pipe transmission capacity, but also reduces the pressure loss and water transmission pipeline energy consumption.
F. Reliable connectivity: HDPE water supply pipe used to melt or fused connection, the interface strength higher than the pipe body, the seams will not load due to soil movement or the role of the disconnected.

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