PE Pipe for Mine

PE Pipe for Mine

PE Pipe for Mine

High density polyethylene Mine (HDPE) pipe

PE Pipe for Mine was awarded the high-tech products.

For supply and drainage in the coal mine, mine ventilation with positive pressure tube, negative pressure ventilation pipe mine, mine spray pipe, mine gas drainage tube.

Description of the appearance and characteristics:
Executive MT558.1-2005 "with a plastic pipe Mine Part I: polyethylene pipe".

A. Anti-corrosion: HDPE Pipe for Mine has a strong mining corrosion resistance, anti-corrosion treatment do not need to save the associated costs, overall economic efficiency is 5-6 times that of steel, especially for underground transport sulfur water.
B. High delivery capability: the wall finish, fluid resistance is small and difficult to scale. Strong anti-fouling pipes, underground transport calcium and magnesium ions in water is not scaling, you can save a lot of cleaning costs. Wall smooth, pipe roughness is only 2 / 5, conveying resistance, under the same conditions can increase the transmission capacity of 30%.
C. Security: good watertight pipe and environmental protection, connection joints good, convenient construction, raw materials for HDPE resin, good health, there is no pollution, harm to human health, environmental protection, clean non-toxic.
D. High intensity: pipe machinery, superior performance, hard brittle, resilient, and can absorb impact energy, anti-fast cracking ability, breaking elongation may reach 300% or more, in the underground installation of the terrain affected by the settlement small.
E. Flame retardant, antistatic: anti-static, flame-retardant uniform in the pipe body composition, the antistatic, flame retardant will not be affected by using a long time. Antistatic, flame-retardant properties are higher than the national standards, especially for underground flammable, explosive special place.

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