PE Steel Spiral Corrugated Pipe

PE Steel Spiral Corrugated Pipe

PE Steel Spiral Corrugated Pipe

Steel reinforced high density polyethylene (HDPE) corrugated pipe spiral

For municipal, industrial, agricultural and transportation construction projects such as the use of various drainage and sewage system.


Description of the appearance and standards:
Executive CJ / T 225-2006 "underground drainage steel reinforced polyethylene (PE) spiral corrugated pipe"

A. Pressure, shock: a steel pipe with enhanced, high ring stiffness, strength, impact performance, have a very good foundation for any adaptive;
B. Economy: diameter larger than the plastic pipe with the specifications of other low-cost, light weight, transportation, construction costs, provincial, management, maintenance;
C. Chemical resistance: PE coating steel external application will not be sewage, waste water and chemical corrosion, decay will not be material and soil erosion, plant roots will not be destroyed;
D. Anti-aging: Pipe wall is black, can be effective against UV damage, pipe piling and construction can withstand the brunt of the sun;
E. Excellent liquidity drain: pipe wall is smooth, small flow resistance, water speed, pass water and strong flows.

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