PE Corrugated Pipe

PE Corrugated Pipe

PE Corrugated Pipe
PE double wall corrugated pipe

For municipal projects, residential quarters laying underground drainage and sewage; highway embedded pipes; irrigation water, drainage; chemical, mining, etc. for the transport of fluids.

Description of the appearance and characteristics:
Executive GB/T19472.1-2004 "Buried polyethylene (PE) piping systems for the first part of the wall structure: PE double wall corrugated pipes, " HG/T3091-2000 meet the requirements of elastomeric seals.

A. Impact resistance: a unique hollow rib structure, with both good mechanical properties of rigid-flexible, ring stiffness, flexibility, compressive strength, impact resistance;
B. Economy: the construction procedure is simple, no concrete pipe base, great savings period. Slot width of the trench than the other pipes can be reduced by 20%, and without playing inclined wall, a significant reduction in earthwork construction, save labor and reduce the construction difficulty and labor intensity. Light pipe materials, light weight, no special lifting facilities, transport, construction convenient, lower construction costs;
C. Chemical resistance: use of raw materials for high-density polyethylene, are hydrocarbon polymers, molecular polarity, acid corrosion;
D. Light aging: Pipe wall is black, can effectively resist the sun%27s ultraviolet rays can be stacked and construction to withstand direct sunlight;
E. Long service life: buried life of 50 years;
F. Green: raw materials for green materials, non-toxic, non-corrosive, not scaling, 100% recycling and reuse;
G. Wide temperature range: minus 60 ℃ environment is not broken pipelines, transmission media, the maximum temperature 60 ℃;
H. Drainage performance: pipe wall smooth, fluid friction is small, excellent hydraulic characteristics of the design of the same diameter and slope, the flow of more concrete pipeline capacity.

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