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PPR Pipe








Material: PP-R, 100% excellent raw material, safe, clean and no toxic.
Size: 16mm to160mm
Pressure Rating: 1.0Mpa,1.25MPa, 1.6MPa, 2.0MPa ,2.5MPa.
Colors: Light grey, white or other colors on request.
Connection: Socket fusion joint, electro fusion joint or transition joint.
Standard: DIN 8077, DIN 8078, GB/T1874202002, ISO15874 tested by Bodycote, BS6920 tested by WRAS
Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001
Applications: Cold or hot water supply, heating system including flooring heating, wall heating and radiating system, Central air conditioning system, industrial liquids transportation.
High Temperature Resistance: The maximum sustained working temperature is up to 70 Degrees Celsius, the maximum transient temperature is up to 95 Heat Preservation: Low thermal conductivity which is only 1/1500 of brass pipe, and 1/250 of steel pipe.
Non-toxic: No heavy metal additives would not be covered with dirt or contaminated by bacterium.
Corrosion Resistant: Resist chemical matters or electron chemical corrosion.
Lower Installation Cost: Light weight and ease of installation can reduce installation costs by as much as 50% over metal piping system.
Higher Flow Capacity: Smooth interior walls result in lower pressure loss and higher volume than metal pipes.
Long Life: More than 50 years under normal conditions Recycled and Environment-friendly.

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