Pipe Based Wire Screen

Pipe Based Wire Screen

Pipe Based Well Screen combine the hydraulic efficiency of wire-wound screens with the strength of pipe.

The longitudinal support rods on the screen jacket create channels, which direct incoming flow to the nearest pipe perforateion. Screen and pipe are welded to make a rugged, reliable unit suitable for deep vertical wells and supply wells.

Uniform Compacted and Bonded
The filter media pack comes in several thickness and is created with the highest quality re-sieved, coated and non-coated gravel, compacted with a unique vibrating system and heat trreated to secure a controlled and monitored over time in a special furnace.

The result is uniform compacted and bonded prepacked screen free of any voids.

- Complete gravel packing around the screen in horizontal well.
- Bonded uniform gravel pack without bridges or voids.
- Reduced OD maximizes base pipe size.
- Smaller borehole compared to gravel packing.
- Economical alternative to cased-hole gravel packs.
- Thicker packs up to 5/8" if extra sand retention properties are needed.
- Customized material grades stainless steel 304, 304L, 316, 316L, etc


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